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Editorial apps.

Taking a photo is one thing but making it perfect takes more effort and might require a additional software. Despite Photoshop being perceived as a synonym for photo edition there are match more widely available applications to sparkle up the images.... Continue Reading →


Online portfolio.

As a photographer your business card in the digital World can be presented as your portfolio website. In the digital World an online presence is vital for showing your work to the potential clients. It is, therefore, to carefully chose... Continue Reading →

#Hashtag #Instagram

Willing to gain likes, shares and impressions? Correct use of hashtags can make your photographs appear to a wider audience. The idea of hashtags is pretty simple. The main aim of hashtag is to describe the shot. For example, if... Continue Reading →

Let’s start..

Finally! It took me a little bit longer than I thought to create this blog but finally I am here and I would like to welcome you to my site. After days of thinking about the topic of this blog... Continue Reading →

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