As a photographer your business card in the digital World can be presented as your portfolio website.

In the digital World an online presence is vital for showing your work to the potential clients. It is, therefore, to carefully chose the design and the content of their portfolio.

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The following article consists of five things every photographer should consider when choosing the appearance of their online portfolio:

  1. Simplicity, as the main purpose of your online portfolio is to share your work to the people. Your web design should simple and easy to make your work stand out.
  2. Choose a design matching your style
  3. Be selective in choosing your work. Your online portfolio should consist of your best of.
  4. Be easy to contact. Remember to develop a section dedicated for your contact information. Make it easy to notice.
  5. Connect to social media. Social media are the great way to gain more audience and to share your work with others.

The best sites for online porfolio:

  1. WordPress
  2. Wix
  3. Instagram