Last post has touched on the Go Pro Camera, but some of you might not be interested in videos and want to stick with photographs. Why not try and use some of the mobile camera accessories to enhance your experience with taking photos.

There is a huge amount of different accessories available on the market. By carrying out little research into the field, to see which of them could be actually useful, I have chosen the top 5:

Selfie Stick – telescopic extender which allows user to take a selfie from a greater distance the their arm,

Clip on Lenses – lenses which we can be attached to the camera, each lens is providing different effect,

Shutter Remote – this can be used instead of pressing buttons on the smartphone, useful if taking picture of group of friends where everyone wants to be on the picture,

Smartphone Ring Light – if the built in flash light is not enough, we can get more light by purchasing one of these,

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Tripod Camera Mount – for the extra stability while taking a photo.